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The Laser 2 is an all-out, double-handed, racing machine featuring a trapeze and spinnaker that will challenge sailors of every level. Developed under the same philosophy as the Laser, the Laser 2 is a strict one-design class with a world-class racing circuit and the exhilarating performance to attract top sailors worldwide.

The Laser 2 features an easily driven hull for high-speed planing performance. The two-piece rig and one-design sails provide a simple powerful engine.

With a large spinnaker and a large pole stowed on a boom trolley, the Laser 2 excels off the wind; and, when you reach the leeward mark and prepare to douse the chute, you'll appreciate the built-in bow launcher that gobbles up the chute and stores it for you.


  • LOA: 14'5"
  • Beam: 4'8"
  • Sail Area: 124 square feet
  • Spinnaker: 110 square feet
  • Mast Height: 19'2"
  • Hull Weight: 170 lbs


    • Ports with storage bags are water tight for spare gear and food
    • 170 lb. hull and flat deck are ideal for car top transportation
    • Kick up rudder
    • Jib leads recessed, eliminates body and gear chafing hardware
    • Bow tab keeps the sheets from under the bow when the water is flying
    • Spinnaker pole trolley system stores the long pole along the boom with one hand operation
    • One-design class sails eliminate the "sailmaker arms race"
    • High-aspect airfoil blades
    • Lightweight, planing hull form for control at top end speeds
    • Spinnaker bow launcher tube and belly cord makes setting and dousing the huge spinnaker a snap

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